Artificial intelligence a game changer for future jobs

To some of us amateurs it is the ability of an artificial intelligent agent to learn, and to use what it learns to answer our questions.

For most questions AI learns the answers from us, or the computer records we have established.

Many times robots or avatars are used to exemplify AI and in effect have a meeting of minds – theirs and ours.

AI has the most difficulty making cognitive judgments, and to do this effectively is going to require a melding of minds – theirs and ours.

It is going to have to be a joint effort. The question is do we humans really want to have a melding of our minds with AI for the sake of convenience and efficiency and speed?

What have we got to learn from a machine using quantum mechanics to artificially identify our problems and hopefully solve them?

More importantly what have we got to lose in this proposed mind meld? Could it be our very humanity? Will we be the ones who come out on top or will the AI’s of this new mind meld venture take over and create a new reality with the knowledge we have given them?

Do we dare risk this getting out of control with the AI’s creating a virtual reality virus to subvert our best interests?

This can all be very scary especially when we remember that it may well be the AI’s asking the questions, and our answers that make us the subject of our own undoing.

Why must man always aspire to go beyond the next boundary? Is it because we have a self-destructive nature, or does curiosity get the better of us, or perhaps is it God’s will that we seek to know the answers to all the questions of the universe as we seek to know it?

​We spoken with some large companies within Australia. Carrie from Baby Jogger Strollers  says that her business is always evolving and will work with AI to grow her business.

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