Growing your brand with Opcentral.

We have recently started to work with Op central to help grow Brands a News. Op Central have all the software you will ever need for your business from Leaning management software to sop software. Op Central also offers contract and digital signature software which is great for any growing business.

Use the contract management software as your electronic filing cabinet creating ease of access to important documents across the business, regardless of location. By giving franchisees access to your templates you can rest assured your business stays compliant, whilst giving the autonomy to customise certain aspects and streamline the process.

Why take risks with your business? Standardizing processes and integrating them into day to day workflow will create a safer workplace and help you avoid fines and penalties by staying in compliance with required standards and regulations. Additionally, Way We Do’s reporting systems make it easy to provide evidence of compliance by producing records of how team members follow policies and procedures.

The Birth of SOPs

After the Great Train Wreck of 1856, public outcry prompted railroad companies to implement more standardized safety measures. Thus, Standard Operating Procedures were born. And as businesses grew from mom-and-pop shops into national outfits, SOPs became commonplace.

They realized that informal, ad hoc communication wouldn’t cut it in an interconnected world. Too much got lost in translation, and avoidable accidents kept cropping up.

Companies started to write manuals filled with step-by-step guides for each important procedure. Whether an employee was scheduling a delayed train or placing an international order, the manual held every answer.

Now days we have companies like Opcentral that can do it all for us.

Thank god is 2020.



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