5 Ways to Make Your Hens Party More Fun

Are you looking for more ways to make your hens party more fun? If so, you are not alone! Everyone wants to throw an exciting hens party for a bride-to-be; if you want ways to make your hens party more memorable, consider the following ways you can make the experience more fun.

Go to more than one destination

 A hens party doesn’t have to be a singular party at one location. You can book more than one destination for your hens party. For example, you can visit a restaurant, a club, and an entertainment show all in the same evening. Or you can book a table at a great restaurant and then head to a private party bus afterwards.  A series of experiences can be a lot more fun than sticking to one location, especially if you have a bit more in your budget for the hens party.

Pick a fun and vibrant location

  If you plan on walking around during your hens party, make sure that you pick a fun and vibrant location that will add to the overall atmosphere of the evening. For example, a downtown city area or another area known for live music, bars, and a good nightlife. A hen’s party isn’t complete without being able to walk arm in arm down the street after seeing a great show or dancing at a club, all the while celebrating the upcoming wedding of a great friend. 

Have a pre-party with music and drinks

 You can help everyone loosen up by having a pre-party with music and drinks before you head out. A pre-party will give everyone time to get relaxed, get to know one another if they’ve never met before and generally make for a more fun experience in the end. Remember not to drive if you have been drinking.

Rent a bus for a party

  If you want your hens night sydney to include a lot of partying, you can create a fun private party experience by renting a party bus. A party of us will allow you to dance, drink and have lots of fun in a unique and safe space. You can even arrange for the party bus to take you to your destination, such as a restaurant, favorite club, or entertainment show. Then once you’re back on the bus, it’s time to party again!

Best of all, you can pay to arrange for the party bus to drop off your hens party guests at their homes or a pre-arranged destination so that no one has to worry about getting transportation after drinking.

Hire private entertainment 

If you will be having the hens party at someone’s home or a private rental space, you should consider hiring some private entertainment. Private entertainment can be a lot more intimate and potentially more fun than going to a show with tons of other people. Make sure you talk with the bride-to-be to see if this is something she would like to do before you commit to hiring Brisbane hens night private entertainment.  Or if your in Sydney, then hire Sydney male strippers for your hens party.

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