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Joash Boyton is a founder and investor of multiple companies and ventures, Joash Boyton has emerged as a leading strategist and digital acquisitions specialist in the Business Brokerage industry. Joash’s professional focus is closing the gap between serious investors and early-interest business owners in a rapidly-changing environment. In early 2021, wanting to streamline the traditional acquisition process, Joash founded Acquiry Pty. Ltd., a Specialist Merger and Acquisition Brokerage. Acquiry is home to a dedicated and passionate team of experts representing a broad network of investment opportunities and specializing in digital acquisitions and exits.


The age of the business and its history establishes asset credibility. BUSINESS INDUSTRY

Each industry varies in demand, so there are different valuation multiples. BUSINESS MODEL

The specific business and revenue model will affect how much it’s worth.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Business Broker:

ACQUIRY provides the solutions for those who are looking for new business opportunities? Or looking into retiring? Even if they need the money from their business or simply don’t wish to continue on the path their company is on, there are countless reasons for selling a business. Making this large of a decision is usually tough, but can always be justifiable. If they decide to walk away from their business, they will want to do it as quickly as possible, with the most amount of money in mind. Of course, this can be done alone but requires an extensive amount of research. Many large businesses agree that sometimes it’s best to hire outside help because getting a professional opinion is usually the best option.

Business brokers at ACQUIRY are trained and knowledgeable in presenting business to any sort of buyer in the best manner possible. They are experts and know the advantages and disadvantages of the selling game, but are well equipped to deal with it. Even if these business brokers are selling an unexpectedly high-profit business, there can still be downsides that come up. ACQUIRY assure to let the brokers worry about it, and allows the seller to present their business in the right package.

Benefits/Advantages of working with ACQUIRY:

Negotiations will be simplified

These brokers at ACQUIRY know all there is to know about the selling process and how to facilitate all types of negotiations. Each conversation that a business broker has, can be turned positive simply because they know exactly what they are doing. Most importantly, business brokers know exactly how far buyers are willing to go before closing sales, which might even result in a higher sale price for company.

CIM’s and High-Quality Teasers

For those that are unsure, a business teaser is a special document that gets sent out to potential buyers urging them to stay updated for potential sales in the future. This document is usually prepared by the bank representing your company and alerts potential buyers that an investment opportunity might be arising soon. Sending a teaser out is considered to be one of the most important parts of sales process. This one or two-page summary will highlight all the benefits of the company being sold and will allow potential buyers to decide their interest in the investment opportunity.

Completing Market Studies

Brokers have countless years of experience selling businesses on a local market and will know what sells and what doesn’t. Putting the right price tag on business will make or break a sale. Spending days, or even weeks, doing market research is incredibly time-consuming and even then, setting the right price is difficult. A broker will know the exact market you are looking in, the perfect price, and the amount of time it will take to close the sale.

Business Databases

Selling a business is much more than just making a simple posting online. Business brokers have access to a vast range of databases that will allow business to sell. They will have many sites that are solely for selling businesses and will choose the correct ones to list business on. This way, the ones that are most likely to purchase business are targeted quickly and easily. Furthermore, completing all these tasks and more is stressful at times, but a broker can eliminate some of these tasks. A business broker will take on some of the duties needed to sell business because they are an expert. Their job is to maintain a professional relationship between the buyer and the seller without forcing the sale


Team of ACQUIRY is always present to solve the queries of all those buyers/sellers who have questions about selling their website or investing in assets ACQUIRY represent? Book a time below to speak to us at and have all your queries answered by one of their experienced staff.

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