Creating a website that will convert in to a Sale.

Websites That Sell

A good website will tell people about your business. A great website creates leads and sales. The point most people miss is your website is the first step in creating the buying environment for your customers.

Your website needs to have the right sales strategy, the right look and feel to match your product or service and the right functionality to complement and create the buying environment.

For instance you wouldn’t expect to buy an expensive painting from an army surplus store and you wouldn’t expect to find much of a bargain at Tiffany’s would you?

The problem is most websites couldn’t sell Ice Cream at a school tuck shop. If you get your website set up the right way to create leads and sales you’ll make money but if you get it wrong you’re hosed!

How To Get Customers

If you’re new to Internet advertising you may be a little overwhelmed with all the fancy jargon that “web people” like to use. We like to keep things simple because the Internet is not nearly as confusing as you might think.

To get customers from the Internet all you need is two things and they are a website that sells and lots of targeted visitors to your website.

So instead of using fancy terms like PPC, SEO, SEM, CPM, CTR and CPC  we’ve kept it simple and designed an online marketing solution for small and medium sized businesses. And to make it even easier we’ll tailor a solution just for your business and budget.

Get Found Locally

This is probably the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get people to your website. It’s called directory listings. There are hundreds of online directories that you can get links on but in reality there’s only a handful that count.

When your website is positioned correctly in the local directories you’ll get free traffic to your website, you’ll get found in the search engines and the best part is you can get started for very little cost.

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